What's the difference between gym membership and the body transformations?

Gym membership buys you access to unlimited group classes.

The body transformation includes unlimited group classes, and also i) the nutrition seminar, ii) meal plan, iii) weekly progress checks on your nutrition, iv) travel and home work out document, v) support group with your coaches vi) an assigned accountability coach to monitor your attendance and progress

I heard womens fitness is easy...?

Trust me, it's not! We have women of all fitness levels in our programme and we ensure a challenging work out based on your capability.


I don't think I'm fit ENOUGH to join your gym! 

GetFitChick is suitable for all fitness levels. We simply scale the movement, rep scheme or weights to suit your ability. Don't worry if you feel you are unfit; we are here to help


Is it ladies only?

Yes, we train in a private studio with no cameras. 

What's the difference between womens' training and other training?

We structure our class programming around what most women want - Firstly to be fit, strong and healthy from the inside out, and secondly with a focus on abs, glutes and legs. This doesn't mean we ignore other body parts though - we still train upper body, back and full body too. 

Most mixed gyms program in a way that won't get a woman the aesthetic she wants. 

What's the difference between YOUR womens training, and other gyms womens training?

We don't do those small movements (like leg lifts) done to give you a burning sensation, but otherwise do not actually benefit your body composition. We work on reducing body fat, building muscle (otherwise known as muscle tone) and working on your cardiovascular health. Leg lifts, donkey kicks and body weight glute bridges will not give you muscle tone. That is an instagram myth. 


How much does gym membership cost? What are your membership options?

Please go to our membership page.


We are in Al Quoz and ocasionally run satellite programs in Nad al Hamar. Please see our contact page.


What's in your work outs?

We mix up interval training and circuit training, strength cycles, conditioning, endurance and more. We use sleds, battle ropes, pull up bars, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, sliders, boxes, step ups, squat racks, slam balls, med balls and more.

We try to ensure you never do the same work out twice.


How many times do I have to go to the gym for results?

We definitely encourage coming to at least 3 sessions a week. It's also extremely important to focus on getting your food right.

We also encourage having full rest days to allow your body to recover. 


Do you have showers?




How much weight will I lose?

This depends on your goals. Some women aim for weight loss, others for increased strength and conditioning. We have had girls lose up to 10kg, others who have lost just 1kg but shrunk 15cm around their waists, and other girls who see improved fitness levels - for example they can now pick up their nephews with no back pain!


What if I have to travel?

Everyone travels in Dubai! This is why we provide travel work outs and online consultations so you can still exercise/eat well while you are away. We will text you while you are away to keep you on your fitness plan.

When is your body transformation?

You can check here for updates. We also announce on our instagram and facebook pages. 


How do I pay?

Please see our membership page.


Can I pay by week or class?

The bootcamp only works if you stick to it from start to finish and it also includes all the documentation to ensure your success, so you must join the next full cycle in order to see results. If you don't want to commit we suggest joining our normal gym membership.

I didn't show up - can I get some money back or have free classes in your next cycle?

In short, no - sorry! If gyms refunded every person who couldn't be bothered to show up, every gym in the world would be out of business! But if you notify us in advance we do have membership freeze options. ​

At the beginning of th eprogram you are given a list of travel work outs that you can do at home or in another gym. If you miss class, please do one of those work outs at home. 

Better yet, contact your GFC instructor and tell her what equipment you have at your disposal - she will give you a personalised work out to do that day. 

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